Friday, October 26, 2012

Endless Leftie

Martina Behm's Leftie is a very enjoyable knit!
However . . . I didn't like the idea of weaving in all those ends from the Stripe and Leaf segments, so here's a way of carrying the contrast colour up the side, without having long loose loops.

This method creates contrast-colour mini-bobbles near the edge.
MC = main colour
CC = contrast colour - Stripe and Leaf
Swap the yarn positions forward or back as necessary.  I didn't twist them together.

On right side rows, with MC work kfb into first stitch, with CC work kfb into the next stitch, with MC continue the pattern.
On wrong side rows, pattern to the CC double-stitch, k2tog with CC, then pattern to end with MC.

And here's what the wrong side looks like.

This will work on any similar multicolour shawl with an increase on every row at the side.
Happy knitting!

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